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Using Social Fi stream on can receive notifcations related to SoFi platforms like FriendTech.

Supported Platforms:

  • FriendTech

The SocialFi stream has below filters:


Filter Parameters

Filter TypeDescription
ChainChain on which the swaps are executed
ProtocolDEX Protocol on which the swaps are executed
Wallet AddressList of wallets you want to track (optional).
TokenToken address for one pair
OperatorsLess then, more than or equal to a specific amount
Swap DirectionWhether the swap is buy, sell or both
PairSelect pairs you want to track.

If no pair is specified, all pairs in the network will be included

Message Parameters


Message ParametersDescription
Stream NameReturns Stream Name
Twitter HandleTwitter Handle of trader
Account AddressAccount address of trader
Date & Time AddressesReturns the date and time of the transaction
Txn linkReturns the scan link of the transfer
Follower CountFollower count on twitter
Twitter ProfileTwitter address of subject key