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Smart Contracts

Using Smart Contracts alerts, one receive notifications of smart contract functions and events.

Supported Networks:

  1. Ethereum mainnet
  2. Arbitrum


Filter Parameters

Filter TypeDescription
ChainChain to track, eg. Ethreum, avax, arbitrum etc.
Contract AddressAddress of the contract you want to track
Contract ABIAutomatically fetched after contract address is added. It is a json data that defines contract function and its structure
Monitor ByCan be function or event
ParametersCustom Parameters (optional)

Message Parameters


Message ParameterDescription
Stream NameReturns the name of the stream
Contract NameName of the contract
Event/FunctionEvent or Function that was called.
ParametersExtra data of the transaction
ChainReturns the chain
Date & TimeReturns the date and time of the transaction
Txn linkReturns the link of the transfer